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The call came in that the School was in trouble. Hurricane Sandy had devastated the school and the surrounding community. They needed our help and the situation required immediate attention. They called the right place–Counseling In Schools (CIS) has the know how to get in there and do the work that is required.

That call just came in this week, nearly two years after the storm– but we were ready.

Following up on Project Hope, CIS was awarded a social services block grant by NY State for just this kind of situation. One that arises long after the initial trauma has faded from most of our memories but plays out in difficult and desperate ways for many families and children. Students are still reliving the trauma of Hurricane Sandy in ways that are affecting their behavior in class, their ability to focus academically, and their relationships with friends and peers.

So we sprang into action, set up a meeting with the Principal and the School is now fully engaged with CIS in a number of direct services that will deal with their immediate and long term needs. We will be providing counseling for the adults in the school through our Care for the Caregiver program as well as setting up individual and group counseling sessions with the students. Additionally through our partnership with CANY, a Trauma Informed Drama Therapy program, a select group of children will be participating in ongoing workshops to help them build the social and emotional tools they need to thrive.

We are fortunate to be able to do what we do – provide support and healing in a real time of need, and lay the groundwork for communities to rebuild, strengthen, and move forward with confidence.