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nov 6 event graphic 2

nov 6 event graphic 2

Discussion with:
Rudy Crew, president, Medgar Evers College, City University of New York
Kevin Dahill-Fuchel, executive director, Counseling in Schools
Patricia Mitchell, principal, PS 48 William Wordsworth
Sheena Wright, president and CEO, United Way of New York City

Introductory remarks by:
Richard Buery, deputy mayor for strategic policy initiatives, City of New York

Moderated by:
Kim Nauer, education research director, Center for New York City Affairs

Mayor Bill de Blasio will unveil 45 new community schools this month in a much-touted effort to help low-income students. But which schools need the most help? And what kind of supports will have the greatest impact? A new report by the Center for New York City Affairs explores these questions in elementary schools, documenting how high absenteeism rates and community challenges can bedevil schools in low-income neighborhoods. We propose a new measure of poverty, designed to identify the highest needs schools, and discuss what should come next in the mayor’s bid to reduce poverty’s effects on students.

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Sponsored by the Center for New York City Affairs at Milano School for International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy. Support provided by the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, the Sirus Fund, the Donors’ Education Collaborative and the United Way of New York City.