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Our mission

Counseling In Schools promotes the emotional and social growth of children so that they can thrive in school and succeed in life.

Counseling In Schools identifies, develops, and reinforces the strengths and resilience inherent in every child, and harnesses these traits to help students succeed. We work from a multiple perspective approach: each child is assessed from developmental, social, emotional and cultural viewpoints.

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By working directly in the school, home or local community environment, we can more fully interface, advocate and support the child’s full life and full potential.

Our approach has resulted in behavioral and attitudinal changes that set students and families on a path to success.

CIS goes where the children are—in their schools, homeless shelters and community centers. This removes barriers of access to care, and allows CIS to identify and support the children who most need its services. Vital to our strategy is the quality of our counselors, all of whom have at least a master’s degree, and the support they receive from experienced supervisors.


Along with program components designed to address individual family and student needs, CIS also provides expert Staff Supervision and Professional Development opportunities for New York City Public School education professionals. These supportive programs offer professionals the tools they need to shield against the typical high levels of stress that is common when working with high needs youth. The reduction of burnout and improved coping abilities of staff members who participate in our training filters through the entire school, making for a more energized and resilient community.

CIS has achieved a reputation throughout the New York City Department of Education, and among Principals, staff and students as an organization that understands the multiple challenges facing our youth, and that provides programs that meet their needs.